Des Moines Music Coalition

80/35 Music Festival



For more than 10 years the 80/35 music festival has exposed concert goers to new genres of music from artists that have never before played in Iowa. The Des Moines Music Coalition, the non-profit behind 80/35, came to Red Dot in search of a new brand for the festival—one that would elevate the fest from a local party to a national force.

We turned the branding up to 11 by going back to the festival’s roots—it’s name. At the intersection of interstates 80/35 is where the magic of this festival happens. Here music meets community. Food meets fun. And harmonies meet happiness.

We delivered that feeling with a graphic new brand that brings everything together. Bright, bold colors make up the palette and simple type makes a lineup with 50 names clear. All in all, we created the website, the poster, the handbills, a video, several animations, social graphics, radio spots and more for this campaign. Now, we’re ready to rock.


Poster Series

Social Media Campaign

Icon Illustration
Event Signage
Event Wristbands


Prairie Ridge Behavioral Health Services in Mason City, Iowa offers a world-class residential treatment program for those struggling with substance use disorders. But it also offers much more. Prairie Ridge simply needed the public to know their story—the WHOLE story.

The Red Dot strategic and creative teams met with the leadership team and staff counselors at Prairie Ridge. Using our branding process, we were able to uncover the organization’s key differentiators. Then, we were given the opportunity to meet with patients who volunteered to talk about their experience at Prairie Ridge. We were moved beyond words.


We discovered the quality that makes Prairie Ridge truly unique is their radical respect for patients—and their ability to guide patients through change in a personalized way. There are no steps. There is no program. Prairie Ridge works with each individual, creating a plan with them that works for them.

We began creative development with the patients in mind, using relatable, real photography. The color palette is warm and inviting with pops of bold color that feel inspiring and lively.  For the initial brand rollout, we created an annual report, an employee brand book, t-shirts and signage, with more pieces to come.

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