Welcome to Ginger’s Rooftop Bar— where we serve up lively conversation about a certain movie franchise set in outer space, host parties with piñatas and pizzas and occasionally snap photos of low flying airplanes.

Pull up a seat, choose your drink carefully and shoot the ginger-infused breeze with Ginger’s whole crew.


A little lime. A little vodka. A little ginger beer. A whole lot of patio.


We enjoy both red and white wines. And debating the proper glass to use for each.


Savoring all of the finest craft beers that our local grocery store carries.

Meet Ginger and her redheaded pint-sized gang of drink enthusiasts. They each bring their own personality and beverage of choice to Ginger’s Rooftop Bar. Drop in and join them (and us) on a sunny Friday afternoon. They’ll be sure to pour a strong one for you.