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Red Dotters' Favorite Holiday Ads of All Time

It’s that time of year to make lists — and check them twice, if you’re so inclined. Here’s our list of some of our team members’ favorite holiday ads of all time — from the nostalgic, to the absurd and the parodic. Be sure to check this list twice.

Ploog’s Favorite: December to Remember (SNL Parody)

Why he loves it: “In the last 20 years, Lexus' "December to Remember" has become as much a part of holiday tradition as Rudolph. This SNL parody of the aspirational holiday classic hits on every absurdity with perfection — the midlife crisis, impressing your son's girlfriend, and the general notion of buying a luxury vehicle you can't afford on a whim.”

Sara’s Favorite: Ship my Trousers

Why she loves it: "My favorite holiday ad is Kmart’s “Ship My Trousers” commercial, which was a holiday-themed sequel to their earlier “Ship My Pants” campaign that went viral in 2013. I love this commercial, because it still makes me laugh to this day, and it had much more of an edge than you’d normally expect from a holiday ad."

Gina’s Favorite: Hershey’s Kisses

Why she loves it: "This spot has been running for decades. And still, whenever it’s on, I stop and watch. It’s simple and endearing. But most of all, from an advertising perspective, I love that they found the essential difference of their candy — the shape — and literally made it sing."

Steph’s Favorite: Show Your Joe (yes, another Kmart one)

Why she loves it: "Every time I see this commercial it makes me laugh. I think it's creative and hilarious, and it certainly grabs peoples’ attention! I don’t know how those guys kept a straight face."

Happy Holidays from Red Dot

We hope you had a good chuckle and a warm feeling of nostalgia watching these. As you ease out of work mode and into holiday mode, here’s a friendly reminder — probably don’t buy a Lexus without first consulting your spouse. Happy holidays!

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