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Featured Work: Chevron Renewable Energy Group

Inspiring change, drop by drop.

We love working with clients that make a difference. Locally. In Iowa. And around the world. Lucky for us, one client does all three. 

Chevron Renewable Energy Group, formerly Renewable Energy Group, is one of the largest biofuel producers in the U.S. Recently, they developed a complete product line of renewable fuels to launch globally. But first, they needed product names that stood out, addressed performance challenges, and positioned the family of fuels as a sustainable solution.

Naming structure and logos for EnDura Fuels

While the fuel category is full of science-based names, like B9000, Red Dot developed names that delivered on the feeling of saving the world—literally. EnDura Fuels™ evokes emotion, distances from traditional diesel, and successfully addresses performance myths.

  • InfiniD™: Biodiesel
  • PuriD™: Ultra biodiesel
  • UltraClean BlenD™: Renewable diesel + biodiesel blend
  • VelociD™: Renewable diesel
  • BeyonD™: Sustainable aviation fuel

The D Story for EnDura Fuels products

When EnDura Fuels™  rose to the top, we seized the opportunity to family each name in the product line with an aspirational theme that connects. We also created a language for the sales team to make the story simple and meaningful, raising points about deDication, continued leaDership, and more.

Visual of the Drop Ads for EnDura Fuels

Fluid, flexible, and inspiring, the launch of EnDura Fuels™ signaled the arrival of Chevron REG as a global leader in renewable fuel solutions. Bright, light, and full of movement, the iconic animated droplet became a symbol of clean fuel and a cleaner planet.

Digital ads visual for EnDura Fuels

The global product launch was supported by digital media targeted at fleet, rail, and marine industries. Each click drove traffic to their website to learn more about how EnDura Fuels™ could help customers reach their sustainability targets sooner.

With the eyes of the world upon them, our client wanted to go big at the launch event. Red Dotters, with assistance from animation experts, created this dynamic video that gave audiences a glimpse into the potential of EnDura Fuels™. And gave everyone goosebumps as well.

Want to see more of our branding work? Really cool design work? Strategic work? It’s all here.

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