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Do you hear what we hear? 4 criteria for creating an effective brand voice.

When most people think of branding they usually think of logos. Followed by colors. And then ads. And maybe an in-store experience. But how the brand speaks to you is just as important.

Developing the right voice is a key component in creating a cohesive brand experience.

Is your brand creative and playful like Lego? Strong and inspiring like Nike? Or daringly chaotic like Slim Jim?

Finding your brand voice starts with determining what your brand stands for, which isn’t just your product. Your brand needs to provide an emotional, as well as a rational, reason for buying the widget from you instead of the other guy. Read our earlier branding blog.

Once you and your agency determine the emotional benefit of your brand the voice follows. If your brand is authoritative and educational, a more formal voice makes sense. If your brand is, say, Ford Trucks, a strong and authentic voice works best.

Here are 4 things to consider as you create copy with a consistent brand voice.

#1: Does the voice match your overall brand positioning?

Make sure the voice aligns with the emotional benefits of your brand. If your brand is fun and playful, your brochure and website should speak in a fun and playful way, even the “about us” section. Especially the “about us” section.

#2: Does your voice connect with your audience?

Use words that treat humans as if they were humans. People have feelings, even those in the C-suite. Usually. 

#3: Is your voice a genuine personality?

Create a voice that sounds like someone you’d want to hang out with, take advice from, or rely upon, depending on what your brand stands for.

#4: Does it sound different than the competition?

Check out the competition. See how they’re communicating and do it differently. Take a unique stand. Speak in a unique way. Customers will notice. And they will like you.

Want to see a breakthrough brand voice in action? See how we created a genuinely friendly voice for a healthcare insurance co-op. Really! View our COopportunity work.

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