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The Power of Words

In case you missed it, Amanda Gorman, National Youth Poet Laureate, recently reminded the world that words are powerful. The right words at the right time can inspire love, unleash despair, divide families or unite nations. (Watch the video for proof. Or if you’ve seen it already, watch it again, because it’s still amazing.)

While our clients’ goals don’t often involve world peace, words are an important part of what we do, too. Because we believe that words have the power to build brands. And in much the same way Amanda’s words worked—by speaking the truth, connecting emotionally and finding common ground.

Your brand voice is more than a list of features and benefits. It conveys your beliefs as a business. It reveals itself as you engage people through social media. And it lives in the way you keep promises to your customers. That’s probably why a lot of our clients get goosebumps the first time they hear their brand voice. Because when it begins to speak and feel, people begin to listen and learn.

So, what does your organization’s voice sound like? Is it authoritative and professional? Compassionate and thoughtful? Whimsical and entertaining? Here are three things every successful brand voice should do:

#1: Be different. If your voice sounds like everyone else in your category, you’re missing out on an opportunity to stand out and endear yourself to people. Seize the opportunity to let your brand’s unique personality shine.

#2: Speak the truth. No one likes to hear corporate jargon, selling points or mission statements. If you want to connect with humans, you must be human.

#3: Stay consistent. Whether you’re writing a social media post, an email blast or a product brochure, deliver the same feeling each time—no matter where, when or how.

Need help finding your voice? We’ve got a few words of wisdom we’d be happy to share. Just give us a call.

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