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Spirit Week: Home Edition

Every July at Red Dot we participate in our own version of high school Spirit Week. It inspires us to have even more fun than usual. And this year we were especially in need of fun. We challenged each other to fit into our old jeans. We shared our favorite go-to snacks. And we repped our favorite teams—all in the name of creativity and “un-corporate” culture. See all the pics (and pets).

Red Dot’s annual spirit week kicked off today with Hat Day! (Perfect for those of us who haven’t made it to the salon since lockdown.)
Remember when sports were a thing? Red Dot’s annual Spirit Week continues as we celebrate Tuesday Team Day—some a little more than others.
All this spiriting on Spirit Week has made us hungry. So today we’re sharing the “go-to” snacks that power us through deadlines and feed our creativity.
Day 4 of Spirit Week finds us exploring our closets for “Jeans that Still Fit Day.” It’s both a test of character and button strength.
We wrapped up Spirit Week with “Get Outside” Friday! See how your Red Dot friends enjoy the great outdoors—after timesheets are complete, of course..
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