Red Dot

Red Dot’s Ridiculously Specific Advertising Awards from the “Big Game.”

Who cares which ads “won” the big game? Not us. 

What we really want to recognize are the most obscure details baked into all the ads from the biggest brands on the planet. And there were many. 

Here’s Red Dot’s roundup of the spectacle that we love to hate each year: 

Best use of CGI bear masquerading as a anti-drug campaign:

Cocaine Bear (Movie trailer)

Best use of Dave Grohl:

Crown Royal

Number of people who’ll go to Dunkin’ Donuts today assuming Ben Affleck will be at the Drive-Thru:


Worst use of a celebrity based on the target demographic:

Danny McBride for Downey

Best trailer for a movie no one asked for:

Indiana Jones 5

Worst missed opportunity by a social media team based on live events at the game:

Slip n’ Slide

Worst cameo combo:

Those dudes from scrubs and John Travolta for T Mobile

Most relatable moment that incomprehensibly fell flat:

Pringles “Stuck in it.” 

Best use of creepy bunny costume for an obtuse ad campaign tagline:


Most questionable use of product feature:

Triangle for Doritos

Best use of a former WWE superstar:

The Undertaker for Draft Kings

Number of worthless QR codes embedded in ads:


Best use of the word “binky”:

Binky Dad for Kia

Best use of 90s nostalgia:

Not-So Clueless | Rakuten Big Game Commercial

Most likely to make us ugly cry:

Forever (Super Bowl) | The Farmer's Dog

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