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Red Dot artists’ favorite artists. (A who’s who of what’s next.)

It’s no secret that Red Dot is home to some of the brightest and best designers around. For real. No matter what the project is, who it’s for, or the ridiculous timeline that comes with it, they always inspire our best work. 

Which got us thinking, where do our artists turn for inspiration? Who impresses them? Who startles them? And, frankly, who makes them just a little bit jealous? Let’s find out. 


As every good creative should, Ploog follows dozens of artists and designers across all media. But when pressed to list his three current favorites, he says:

1. Tristan Eaton

2. Evgeni Koroliov 

3. Pierre Kleinhouse

Jason said, “I’ve been fortunate to work with two of these guys. Pierre created an award-winning cover for Ruan Red magazine a few years back. He was really great to work with. And I discovered Evgeni when I was looking for someone to do portraits of my daughters. I liked his style so much we’re having him create portraits of all our Red Dotters for their business cards.” 


Honestly, it’d be more efficient to compile a of list of artists that Chresten doesn’t follow. But eventually we got him to narrow down his favorites to just two.

1. Jay Fletcher

2. Joe Mortell

“Jay takes the simplest geometric shapes, starts with those shapes, and creates these intricate illustrations that are just very cool. I also love his font choices. I mean, it’s mostly one font, but it’s a good one so I like it.” As far as Joe Mortell’s work, and the magical photo-realistic natural spaces he creates, Chresten says “I just want to live there.” 


Paige’s answer was two words: Capo Bianco

When studying abroad in Italy, Paige saw Capo Bianco’s work at Mercato Monit, a market in Barcelona where all the cool kids go. Obviously. Even better than seeing their artwork, though, was the opportunity to meet the artist face-to-face. 

“Capo Bianco found out we were art students and took time to talk to us about what it was like being an artist, challenges to watch out for, and other words of wisdom. It was an amazing experience for all of us.”  

Now that you’re following our team’s recommendations—feel free to share your favorite artists with us by tagging Red Dot and using #ArtistsWeLove on Facebook or Insta.

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