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Multidimensional Family Therapy Campaign

Recently, Youth & Shelter Services, along with several provider partners, launched a new form of therapy aimed at adolescents who were struggling with substance abuse. After talking with the client, we discovered that the key differentiator of the program was that it worked to heal the whole family, not just the child. We created a campaign aimed at parents, health care providers, officers in the judicial system and school officials that not only focused on healing the family, it highlighted the program’s proven success as an evidence-based treatment option.

The campaign began with an illustrated website design and evolved to include a poster and a leave-behind piece. As a result of this campaign, provider agencies treated dozens of families and were able to show results that garnered additional funding to expand the program.

Rethink Recovery website

Several months after the initial MDFT rollout, we created a mini-campaign aimed at the medical community. The goal was to encourage physicians and nurses to consider underlying mental health issues that may cause patients’ physical symptoms. Armed with insightful posters, an informative leave-behind and a personalized letter, outreach by MDFT providers is now underway in clinics across the state.

Medical Outreach mini-campaign
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