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Keeping Client Communications Healthy During COVID-19

The pandemic has forced a lot of changes in marketing approaches this year. Everything is different — our workspaces, our budgets, our health. At Red Dot, we realized early on that conversations had to change too, and we helped our clients develop messaging in the form of well-timed e-communications that were both reassuring and relevant.

But as COVID-19 wore on, and quarantines and business shutdowns continued, we knew our clients needed to pivot yet again. We wanted to help ensure that customer relationships stayed strong (or better yet, became stronger) even if they weren’t meeting in person or working in the same capacity as before. We wanted to help assure customers that our clients’ values and services were still solid, even if everything else seemed so uncertain.

So, we’ve been developing content that humanizes their businesses. This is a primary component in the framework for sustained crisis communication plans, and our team at Red Dot has put it swiftly into action. Here are some examples of what we’ve been up to:

  • Sharing our clients’ strategies for keeping customers and staff safe, with uninterrupted delivery of their products and services, because brand trust depends on it. People feel better when they know that companies are behaving responsibly during the pandemic. So we tell them. Often.
  • Interviewing employees (safely over the phone) and turning them into short features that allow customers to connect to the company on a more personal level. Shared on social media and client websites, these profiles perform well because they’re different. And authentic.
  • Educating customers about how our clients are helping during the pandemic. From canned food drives all the way to developing strategies to keep pork producers profitable when packing plants shut down — there’s a lot of positive news out there that reflects well on our clients. We find these stories, write them and make sure our clients' hard work gets noticed.

If you’d like us to help make sure you’re humanizing your business right now, we can help! Just reach out to our content development team at and we’ll leap into action from the safety of our living room recliners.

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