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How improving CX (Customer Experience) can improve your brand

Happy customers mean loyal customers. Of course. But, have you thought about what might make your customers happier? (Besides a buy one get one free offer?) Our Customer Journey and Persona initiative recently helped our client, Van Meter, Inc., figure it out.

Customer Journey Mapping provides key insights that can help your organization refine and focus on the overall customer experience at every single touch point to continuously improve customer loyalty.

It’s a valuable tool for determining precisely where you stand in the customer’s mind and it helps you identify current shortcomings and strengths so you can seize opportunities to win customers’ hearts and minds.  

In the case of Van Meter, we led extensive customer and stakeholder interviews, competitive benchmark assessments and employee mapping workshops. We also conducted qualitative research through customer interviews, all of which resulted in a variety of journeys for unique customer segments.

Then, we categorized the touch points into seven stages, from “consideration” and “decision”, through the “post-purchase” experience. At each point, we uncovered valuable insights into customer expectations.

The result? We identified dozens of opportunities where our client could improve their process by turning a negative feeling into a positive outcome, which is just marketing speak for making happier customers.

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