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All Things Pumpkin Round-up


While the Indian summer we’ve been experiencing has momentarily thwarted the usual “crisp chill in the air,” it hasn’t slowed down our affinity for all things pumpkin! more »

Finding Your Brand Voice


When people think of branding they usually think of logos. Followed by colors. And then ads. And maybe an in-store experience. But what about how the brand speaks to you? Not just what it says, but how it says it? more »

Is Public Relations Still Relevant?


What used to be a news release and a strategically placed media pitch to garner a magazine article, newspaper coverage, a spot on the 6 o’clock news or radio time appears to have given way to an internet-induced cloud of online branding. more »

Red Dot Wins Three Awards at the 2015 American Advertising Awards


“We approach every project as another opportunity to help our client partners stand apart from their competition,” says Jason Ploog, principal of Red Dot. “It’s been our approach since day one.” more »

Please join us in welcoming Gina Adam to the Red Dot team!


Gina Adam brings more than 17 years of copywriting and brand-building experience to Red Dot clients. A smart conceptual thinker and creative writer, she has worked at several prominent agencies in Iowa and was most recently a partner at her own firm. more »

Waste not, want not.


LGI approaches food and feed applications with the eyes of scientists, so that is how we approached their identity and materials. more »

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RED — Built 2 Deliver


In an industry that tends to be predictable, especially as creative — or the lack of it — is concerned, Ruan has approached marketing in a way that allows them to stand out from their competition. more »

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Pro bono Bonobos


Just outside Des Moines is a world-class research facility where scientists are working to unlock the secrets of primate development. more »

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The Future of Ag Lighting. Now.


Energyficient knows a lot about efficient lighting. So what better company to develop a new light for agricultural facilities than them? more »

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Habits of Highly Successful People


Even though success means different things to different people, what it seems to come down to is this… more »