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Soapbox Extra: Giving Presentations Like a Pro

When it comes to building your organization’s credibility as an industry expert, public speaking is a sure fire way to achieve that goal. At Red Dot, we say EMBRACE the presentation and don’t back away from it. Here are some tips on how to do just that. more »

Meet the Connected Generation

BY DESIREE FLETCHER, PUBLIC RELATIONS STRATEGIST A crazy thing happened in 1999 when social media really took off. It set the stage for what some are calling “The Connected Generation” – any consumer willing to communicate, build relationships and ultimately make buying decisions using digital and social media tools.  The key differentiator for this group more »

Gimbal Packaging

The Gimbal is a brand new product from our friends at NUBNUB that uses “always upright” technology to keep your beverage from spilling while you’re cycling. We thought the package deserved to be just as upstanding. Whether you’re poppin’ wheelies or trying to cross extra bumpy railroad tracks, the Gimbal keeps your cycling beverage upright more »


After several major storms hit the Eastern Seaboard in recent years, Vanguard grew quickly, thanks to their exceptional claims service. We thought their brand identity and logo could use the same level of care, too. The lighthouse icon was retained, as it ties to a primary partner in England and symbolizes the guidance that customers more »


NubNub Packaging Receives District 9 Recognition

NubNub did it again! In true Red Dot fashion, celebratory burritos for all! Thanks AAF of Des Moines #designawards #district9 #excited #packagedesign more »

Red Dot Wins Best of Show at the 2017 American Advertising Awards

It was a great night at the AAF of Des Moines’ American Advertising Awards program. Red Dot took home Best of Show honors, in addition to one (1) Gold and three (3) Silver awards. Hearty high fives to NubNub, Good Shift and Vanguard, along with all of our client partners, for inspiring us to do great work every day! more »


Putting Lipstick on a Pig

Are you trying to dress your messaging up to be something it’s not? Hint: If you’re using the exact same message for different communication channels, the answer is “yes.” more »

Soapbox Extra: How to Pick a Winning March Madness Bracket

Still trying to put together a winning bracket, we’ve got the answer! more »

Social Media Strategies for 2017

BY DESIREE FLETCHER, PUBLIC RELATIONS STRATEGIST Last year about this time, I was recapping predictions. This year, the only prediction I care to repeat is that “Social media is going to continue to grow in 2017.” Don’t believe me? You’d be crazy not to.   But, just in case, check out this infograhic by iDigic. more »

Red Dot is Pleased to Welcome Jenn State, Art Director.

There’s a new face at Red Dot. And, she’s a keeper. more »