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Humor is hard. But worth it.

06.17.2014 Soapbox-Jeff-Featured

Humor is difficult, just as creating a new product or service is difficult. Steve Jobs once said about product design, “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Humor is the same way. And yet the line between amusing and cheesy is ridiculously small. more »

The Importance of Music in Graphic Design

05.14.2014 Soapbox-Jason-Featured

Music’s influence on me and my design is difficult to pinpoint exactly, yet essential to who I am. more »

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Red Dot wins eight awards including a Judges’ Choice at the 2014 American Advertising Awards


Red Dot took home four (4) Gold ADDY awards, three (3) Silver ADDY awards and the Judges’ Choice award for Excellence in B-to-B Communications with its ROI and Ampersand Advertising Campaign for Ruan Transportation Management Systems. more »

Super Bowl Snacks are Super, Too

02.03.2014 Soapbox-Desiree-Featured

Man, what a game! Or, non-game depending on how viewed things. more »

Just How Super is the Super Bowl?

01.31.2014 Soapbox-Todd-Featured

Super Bowl XLVIII is this Sunday! Are you excited? I certainly am. more »

The Greatness of Alan Furst

11.11.2013 Soapbox-Jeff-Featured

I’ve read most of the greats, many of the not-so-greats, and quite a few of the meh-that-wasn’t-so-bads. And my current favorite is Alan Furst. more »

coOportunityhealth.com is live!

10.01.2013 CoOpWeb-Featured

In March 2013, we started working on the rollout of Iowa and Nebraska’s first and only nonprofit health insurance CO-OP — CoOportunity Health. And coOportunityhealth.com is a major part of that. more »

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And now a word from our sponsor…

09.26.2013 CoOp30TV-Featured

We’re rolling out the CoOportunity Health brand, and a big part of that is happening in television. more »

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It’s time to PUMP you up!

09.16.2013 Soapbox-Desiree-Featured

Check this out. The stars and moon have finally aligned in my world. Two of my favorite subjects – exercise and creativity – have come together as one! more »

Get on the bus, Russ!

09.15.2013 CoOpBus-Featured

That giant face rolling past on that bus could be yours if you join CoOportunity Health. more »

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