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Multidimensional Family Therapy Campaign


When a child struggles with substance abuse, the whole family struggles. This campaign shows how MDFT helps everyone heal together. more »

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Good Shift


Online training programs don’t have to be boring and technical. And we’ve got the proof. more »

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Do I Blog or Create a Vlog?


Blogging. Vlogging. Which one is right for you? more »

RED Issue 11


Nothing gets our wheels turning faster than designing and illustrating a new issue of RED. more »


Ginger’s Rooftop Bar


All advertising people know that when you have the opportunity to brand a rooftop bar, you’d better bring your “A” design-game and some mad flip cup skills. more »

Forever Dutch Capital Campaign


When Central College decided to launch a capital campaign to update their athletic facilities, they called on our talented team. more »

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Using ‘S@$%r B*#l in Social Media Posts


For the purposes of this tip, we’re going to put our necks out and use the phrase “Super Bowl.” There. Said it. It’s done. Whew!
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ICYMI – Slang Acronyms


AAMOF, 4YEO. HTH. If you have no idea what was just said, you better read on. more »

Gina Adam Elected to Historic Valley Junction Board of Directors


The Red Dot team is super excited that our very own Gina Adam was recently elected to the Historic Valley Junction (HVJF) Board of Directors as a Community Representative. more »

2016. What’s Your Prediction?


As 2015 winds down, the articles predicting trends for 2016 ramp up. What does next year have in store for marketing and advertising? Red Dot has pulled together a short list of what could be HOT in the next year! more »