Principal Financial Group

An icon in the financial world, The Principal® provides an edge for businesses, individuals and institutions pretty much everywhere. That means they have to communicate with a lot of people in a lot of audience segments a lot of the time. That’s where Red Dot comes in.

We work with The Principal on many of their communications programs. We help plan and execute materials for product launches, conferences, and special events, in addition to providing presentation support, designing collateral materials and helping in the creation of a variety of corporate communications. As a long-time partner with The Principal, we help them keep their customers in the know.



'focused' brochure



'harmony' brochure



'bootcamp' brochure



'fiduciary fitness' lead nurture campaign



product launch dimensional direct mail



event marketing follow-up mailing



'rollover' participant campaign poster



advisor conference invitation



'rockin’ rewards' promotional campaign

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